gamedev2 is a reincarnation of a previous project created by Andy Belle-Isle and Clyne Sullivan.

After a long time developing gamedev, we decided a large amount of the codebase was rather messy and inefficient. Instead of rewriting gamedev piece by piece, we decided that the final product would be of a much higher quality if the project was restarted from scratch.


The goal of gamedev2 is to create a commercial-grade video game in which content can be created through the use of scripting languages such as Lua. One of the things that sets gamedev2 apart from many other indie games is that gamedev2 is an engine in itself. By creating the engine behind the game, we are able to implement only the necessary features needed to make gamedev2 run smoothly without the extra bloat brought on by a general purpose game engine.

Features (Planned)


The libraries used to develop gamedev2 are as follows:

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September 1st, 2019


Due to college work, I haven't had much time to document my findings in here. So for now, look at our commit log to look at our list of changes on the project.

Also, please make sure to check our other branches as well since we do a lot of feature development in separate branches