Autonomous NXP Cup Car

During my Integrated and Digital Electronics class, the semester-wide project was an automated NXP Cup Car that had the goal of driving around a racetrack as fast as possible. The track was made up of white plastic sheets with black edges. A full racetrack was constructed from a variety of these placed together to fill the entire lab. I’ve created a digital representation of a basic track (on approximate carpet color) for better visualization:

Track Layout Demo

This basic layout contains every piece of track that was used to build the final track design (which was unknown until the day of the race). Many designs similar to this were used to test the cars throughout the semester. The cars were based on a stripped down RC car, with two DC drive motors in the rear, and a servo up front to control steering angle. A grayscale line-scanning camera was used to see the track in front of the car. Bare metal code was written on an NXP K64F to read camera data and control the car. The car is as seen below:


Since this is a project used at RIT, I can't publicly share the code. However, if you'd like to see it, contact me!